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Bembridge Fort & Downs

An unrestored Victorian fort set on dramatic chalk cliffs and open downland with coastal views

The downs Bembridge and Culver Downs form a dramatic point at the east end of the Isle of Wight. The cliffs are part of the same chalk ridge that forms the Needles and cliffs of Tennyson Down in the west. Feel the wind in your hair and admire the views over Sandown Bay and the Solent from this high point perched on top of the cliffs. There is also over a mile of sandy and rocky beach accessible from Sandown with the red and white cliffs behind you. There is easy access to the top of the downs on the road with plenty of car parks to choose from. There is good level walking on paths with short turf, particularly on Culver Down at the east end or you can wander further on the coast path and open down land. Bembridge Down has a lot of military history. You can still see the remains of 19th-century and First World War fortifications and gun emplacements which took advantage of the high and prominent position of the headland. The fort In a commanding position on top of Bembridge Down, Isle of Wight, this unrestored Victorian fort is now open for volunteer-run guided tours. Guided tours are available every Tuesday from April to October. Additional weekday tours for groups of 10 plus may be possible on request. Tours are not suitable for children under 10.


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