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One Holyrood is situated in the medieval centre of Newport.  The Grade II listed buildings date from the early 17th century and have undergone a complete and sympathetic restoration.  Date marks are visible in bricks and stone. 

Over the years these historic buildings have had a variety of uses most notably a Blacksmiths shop, a Bakery, in the 1940’s a Gentleman’s Outfitters and then before becoming a hotel Nos. 1 & 2 were a well known Picture Gallery specializing in sailing and seascapes and Nos. 3 & 4 an antique shop.


Newport Parish Council awarded One Holyrood the Building Design Award in 2012 for “External and Internal Refurbishment”.

Prior to renovation the buildings were neglected, decaying and in a poor structural condition.  A 2-year total renovation & conversion by the owner and architect, Richard Holden, of the London practice Holden Harper ,and the interior designer David Genty, has resulted in a 12 bedroom hotel and consequently the rehabilitation of Holyrood Street into a pleasant part of Newport.



Prior to restoration, the garden at One Holyrood was neglected, overgrown and abandoned.   Years of accumulated waste had to be completely cleared out, the area re-leveled and then paved with the stone slabs found in the undergrowth. The flower beds & borders have been created around the paved terraces and lawns and have been stocked with scented plants to give a stimulating aromatic experience.

The Garden is a peaceful, sheltered and secluded retreat.  A sunny place to lounge or eat in throughout the day.

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