One Holyrood Hotel is situated in the historic center of Newport. These historic buildings are statutory Grade II listed and have undergone total restoration.  These are historic buildings which date from the early 17th century.  There are two date marks visible in the brickwork. Over the years these historic buildings have had a variety of uses most notably a Blacksmiths shop, a Bakery, in the 1940’s a Gentleman’s Outfitters and then before becoming a hotel Nos. 1 & 2 were a well known Picture Gallery specializing in sailing and seascapes and Nos. 3 & 4 an antiques shop.

Building Award

Newport Parish Council awarded One Holyrood the Building Design Award in 2012 for “External and Internal Refurbishment”.

Prior to renovation the buildings were neglected, decaying and in a poor structural condition.  A 2 year total renovation & conversion by the owner and architect, Richard Holden, of the London practice Holden Harper ,and the interior designer David Genty, has resulted in a 12 bedroom hotel and consequentially the rehabilitation of Holyrood Street into a pleasant part of Newport.

Guest Rooms

The guest rooms at One Holyrood Hotel have been individually designed with quality, character and comfort as well as meeting the demands of Grade II listed building requirements.   Accommodation is spread out over three floors of this Grade II listed building and though having undergone total restoration the building has maintained its charm and architectural integrity.

Complying with Conservation issues demanded by a Grade II listed building results in limited access for people with mobility issues.  Wheelchair access is from the street to the ground floor, but no toilet facilities are available on this level.

The team at One Holyrood are happy to assist guests with visual impairments while they are staying at One Holyrood B&B.  There are no specific aids for the visually impaired.

The Garden

Prior to restoration the garden at One Holyrood was neglected, overgrown and abandoned.   Years of accumulated waste had to be completely cleared out, the area re-leveled and then paved with the stone slabs found in the undergrowth. The flower beds & boarders have been created around the paved terraces and lawns and have been stocked with scented plants to give a simulating aromatic experience.

The Garden is a peaceful, sheltered and secluded retreat.  A sunny place to lounge or eat in throughout the day.

Blacksmiths Shop
Holyrood Oak Inn
One Holyrood Window View of garden